Sheriff Pitts

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As Sheriff of Elko County, I am pleased to have the opportunity to introduce you to the Elko County Sheriff’s Office. At 17,203 square miles, Elko County is the 2nd largest county in Nevada and the 4th largest county in the United States (not counting the Alaska boroughs) and  is bordered by both Utah and Idaho. The county has an estimated population base of 51,216 which has increased from 48,818 people according to the 2010 census.

The Sheriff’s Office is made up of an elected Sheriff, an appointed Undersheriff, 1 Operation Lieutenant, 1 Detention Lieutenant, 4 Patrol Sergeants, 4 Detention Sergeants, 1 Detective Sergeant who oversees 2 Detectives and 2 Task Force Detectives, 24 Operation Deputies, 1 School Resource Sergeant who oversees 2 SRO Deputies and 2 SRO Officers, 1 Rural Sergeant who oversees 2 Rural Deputies, 22 Detention Deputies, 3 Court House Deputies, 2 Control Room Technicians, 1 Animal Control Person, 1 Civil Process Server and 9 Support Personnel.


The Sheriff’s Office is the largest Law Enforcement agency in Elko County providing law enforcement for County of Elko, the City of Wells and the unincorporated communities of Spring Creek, Jackpot, Montello, Jarbidge, Midas and Ruby Valley.

Our mission is to proactively build and strengthen community partnerships and reduce the threat of crime through the delivery of professional, high quality, efficient and consistent services to all businesses, residents and visitors in Elko County.

We strive to be transparent, innovative and good stewards of public funds, people, time and assets. The Elko County Sheriff’s Office has developed new programs and enhanced existing programs, allowing us to operate within budget for the last 6 years.  Our new programs include development of innovative scheduling to allow the patrol and detention divisions to provide experienced and responsive services to the public.  We have enhanced our existing reserve and cadet programs allowing us to involve members of our community gaining first-hand knowledge, training and experience in law enforcement.  Through the application of grant funding, we have led state rural communities in the extension of Sex Offender Registration, Monitoring and Verification programs. We have facilitated construction of an 80 bed expansion in our detention facility and established additional programs to include faith-based visitation and development of an inmate fee program.  We have increased our community engagement and awareness through the implementation of social media and development of volunteer programs.  Unquestionably, credit for our success belongs to our most important asset, our personnel and their partnerships in our communities.    

With the many challenges that face law enforcement today, I am extremely proud of our ability to adapt and remain steadfast in our commitment to providing the best possible Law Enforcement services to our County.

 We hope that with the helpful information contained in our website, you will find that our agency is committed to addressing the concerns of our communities. You will also discover the various services we provide to the citizens of Elko County.

 I encourage you to navigate through our website, which reaffirms our commitment to proactively and responsively addressing the needs of our community, enhancing our public safety services and improving the quality of life in Elko County.

Serving You,

James Pitts
Elko County Sheriff