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Reserve Deputies volunteer their time assisting the department in every day law enforcement activities. The process for becoming a sworn Sheriff's Reserve Deputy is very similar to the process for becoming a full-time Sheriff's Deputy. There are physical, medical and psychological requirements, an extensive background investigation, specialized training and written exams.


Minimum Qualifications

  • Applicants must pass a background investigation to the satisfaction of the Sheriff.
  • Must be 21 years of age by the star of academy training.
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien who has filed for citizenship prior to application date.
  • Must have a U.S. high school diploma, or a General Education Development (G.E.D.) certificate.
  • Must have no felony convictions as a juvenile or adult AND cannot currently be on any form of probation.
  • Must have no domestic violence convictions AND cannot currently be the subject of a domestic violence restraining order.

Physical Abilities Test (P.A.T)

Pass a Physical Abilities Test (P.A.T.).Click the link for more information on the state of Nevada PAT requirements.


Background Investigation

You will be scheduled for an in-depth background interview with the investigator. The Sheriff's Office will conduct a thorough investigation of your background. You will be requested to authorize organizations and individuals that know you to release and verify relevant information about you. The Background Investigator will contact prior employers, relatives, and references. Information provided during these contacts may result in other individuals being contacted. The investigator will check into your employment history, driving record, and other pertinent information. A criminal history check will also be conducted.

CVSA (Computer Voice Stress Analysis) Evaluation

Selected candidates will be required to take a CVSA examination to verify the information provided in the Background investigation. The examination is conducted by a certified CVSA Examiner.

Medical Examination

Individuals being considered for employment will need a medical examination. The medical examination will be conducted by medically qualified personnel which will determine whether you meet the medical standards required to be an Elko County Reserve Deputy.

Reserve Deputy Academy

The final step is successful completion of the Reserve Deputy Academy (minimum 120 hours of training).

For more information on the Reserve Program and how to apply please email Sgt. Nick Czegledi at nczegledi@elkocountynv.net or call at 775.777.2505