How to Become a Cadet

Elko county cadet Program

  • Cadets must be between and ages of 14 and 20 years old.
  • Must be able to pass a background investigation.

Any questions on the Cadet Program can be emailed to Deputy Sherwood at

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Since 1986, the Elko County Sheriff’s Office has been giving high school students and young adults an opportunity to explore a career in law enforcement through its Cadet Program. Cadets must volunteer at least 10 hours of their time each month, as well as attend monthly meetings and training sessions. Working with sworn police officers at public events and assisting in various capacities throughout the Department helps the young people develop new leadership skills and explore many of the facets of public service, while learning to stand on their own two feet.

The Police Cadet Program was established to enable interested youth to gain hands-on law enforcement experience within the Elko County Sheriff’s Office. These students play an intricate role in police operations and crime prevention as well as traffic control and parking enforcement.


The Cadet Program provides the opportunity for cadets to participate in full-time police officers' in-service training programs.


The goal of the Cadet Program is to provide students with valuable experience that would assist them in developing the skills and knowledge necessary for achieving successful careers within the law enforcement profession, or other related field.


Cadets have the opportunity to interact with other students interested in the field of law enforcement. Many cadets build and maintain strong friendships with each other during their time in the Cadet program. These friendships help build professional relationships between different law enforcement agencies.