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Active Shooter / Active Assailant

An active assailant is an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area. Active Assailants often use firearms(s) and there is often no method to their selection of victims. Active Assailant situations are violent, unpredictable and evolve quickly. The Elko County Sheriff’s Office is committed to working with its partners to protect schools, workplaces, houses of worship, transportation centers, other public gathering sites, and communities.

What training does the Elko County Sheriff’s Office offer?

The Elko County Sheriff’s Office offers training programs for the community organizations and businesses as well as a NV POST certified training course for military and law enforcement agencies.

What does the training for community organizations and business entail?

The Elko County Sheriff’s Office offers a lecture based training program which is approximately two hours in length. The lecture consists of a brief overview of the history and relevant terminology regarding active assailant incidents, how to react in the event of an incident and interacting with law enforcement, other first responders during the incident as well as multiple other areas of relevant information. Custom tailored scenario based training sessions are also available upon request.

What does the training for law enforcement and military entail?

The Elko County Sheriff’s Office offers a 16 hour Nevada POST certified “Response to Active Assailant” course for military and law enforcement agencies. To be certified, participants must pass a both a practical and written test. The following objectives are contained in the course:

  • Identify Immediate Tactical Response Applications
  • Define active assailant, terrorism and mass casualty terms
  • Understand abbreviated active assailant timeline as it relates to law enforcement responses.
  • Identify active assailant and terrorist profiles
  • Identify immediate tactical response gear
  • Identify tactical emergency medicine considerations
  • Identify hot zone, warm zone and cold zone classifications
  • Understand initial responding units responsibilities and considerations
  • Contact Team and Rescue Team Concept
  • Integration of EMS and Fire into Rescue Teams
  • Be able to apply Contact and Rescue Team concept
  • Identify single officer response considerations

Understand various response considerations if I.E.D.s are present

  • Be able to apply team formations, concepts and tactics
  • Identify evacuation strategy and tactics
  • Identify supervisory duties during an active assailant incident
  • Identify post-incident considerations
  • Identify off-duty response considerations
  • Continuing Training Recommendations

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