Vision statement



At 17,203 square miles, Elko County is the 2nd largest county in Nevada
and the 4th largest in the United States (not counting the Alaska boroughs)
and it is bordered by both Utah and Idaho. The county has an estimated
population base of 51,216 which is up from the 48,818 people according to

the 2010 census.  The county has a large transient population as it is

the hub for the gold mines and other natural resources in the area.  It
also has a large ranching community being home to some of the largest
ranches in the state.

The County Sheriff’s Office headed by Sheriff Aitor Narvaiza, consists of a team
of committed and talented staff serving the citizens of Elko County with
honor, courage and integrity.

The Sheriff’s Office is made up of an elected Sheriff, an appointed Undersheriff, 1 Operation Lieutenant, 1 Detention Lieutenant, 4 Patrol Sergeants, 4 Detention Sergeants, 1 Detective Sergeant who oversees 2 Detectives and 2 Task Force Detectives, 24 Operation Deputies, 1 School Resource Sergeant who oversees 2 SRO Deputies and 2 SRO Officers, 1 Rural Sergeant who oversees 2 Rural Deputies, 22 Detention Deputies, 3 Court House Deputies, 2 Control Room Technicians, 1 Animal Control Person, 1 Civil Process Server and 9 Support Personnel.



The Elko County Sheriff's office is dedicated to protecting and serving the citizens of the county with professionalism and pride.

Our Mission is to proactively build and strengthen community partnerships and reduce the fear of crime through the delivery of high quality, efficient and consistent services to all county businesses, residents and visitors in a professional manner.

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